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Drift Session Year 1 Photos (2001)

drift session drivers Here's a picture of Drift Session competitors back in the early days. This is back when we were first trying to figure out how to score competitions and decide what kind of drifting that we wanted our drivers to display. Ross Petty is in this picture in the far right; back when he first arrived in Hawaii from Okinawa. 
drift session Back before we started running open track events, drivers used to only drive a small section of the entire road course in Hawaii. Back then admission to the Drift Session was only $8 to drive and only about 15 cars used to actually participate. We also didn't require helmets, long pants, or even shoes for drivers at the time.
drift session ae86 Edward and Cara Kubo in Ed's Toyota Corolla GTS, waiting their turn to hit the course. Back in 2001 we didn't even require drivers to wear helmets, have long pants, or even shoes.
drifting honda civic Jason Tam-Hoy in his EK9 style Honda Civic. Most people think Kyle Arai when they think of front wheel drive drifting, but Jason was the first guy out there in a FWD car when we first started.
justin kikkawa ae86 Justin Kikkawa (aka "The Ruckus") first started coming out to the Drift Session with a few friends from the AE86 community. Justin and his maroon Corolla quickly became fan favorites as drifting began its rise to prominence in Hawaii. Here's a link to an article in Car & Driver magazine featuring Justin Kikkawa
drifting audi s4 Shige Hirabayashi is a trained racecar driver, having grown up around the Hawaii International Racing School. Shige started out at the Drift Session in his yellow Audi S4, but later moved to a 180sx and finally an S14.
hawaii drifters A group picture of drivers back at one of our first drift competitions ever...
hawaii drifters ...And the winner of that competition, Justin Kikkawa.
denny cabal drifter Stock motor 240sx driver Denny Cabal also took home one of our early competition trophies. Back then only about 1 or 2 drivers actually had an SR20 in their 240sx.
turbo ae86 toyota corolla David "Bubs" Imada's turbocharged AE86 with Dori mesh wheels. This car even had working air conditioning; a rarity in the AE86 world.
ross petty longchamp wheels Ross Petty blowing numerous tires out on the track. Old school Longchamp wheels.
drifting nissan 300zx Shane (left) and Steve (right) Oliberos. Known back in the day for drifting their black and white Nissan 300Z's. Both brothers have since moved onto 240sx platforms for drifting.
dori dori mesh ae86 Old time Corolla guy Brandon Hiroshige in the days before we required helmets. Brandon's AE86 sporting Dori mesh wheels.
drifting girlfriends Driver's girlfriends waiting around patiently at the track. 
drifting ae86 coupe Pedro "PRD" Domion; former Corolla guy who moved on to 240's.
drifting ae86 coupe Stanford "Handsome Stan" Lau in his silver AE86 coupe before it got a full makeover: wheels, body kit, suspension, hood, paint, etc.
drift 240sx coupe Aaron Kikkawa (cousin of Justin Kikkawa) lining up for a run through the short course in his naturally aspirated Nissan 240sx coupe.
nissan 240sx burnout Aaron Kikkawa putting on a smoke show before hitting the course.
nissan 240sx donuts Aaron Kikkawa blasting a few donuts at the end of the day...
drifting damage ...and shredding his tires and continuing to run them, scratching up his rear fender. 
drifting camaro Chris Kam in his Chevy Camaro; one of the only guys at the track to be running a domestic vehicle at the Drift Session.
ae86 drifting Ed Kubo changing wheels and tires on his AE86 coupe. Sometimes his girlfriend (now wife) used to change his wheels.
drift session drivers Another old group picture of drivers in the early days of the Drift Session.
justin kikkawa drift Justin Kikkawa driving and David "Bubs" Imada.
ross petty drift 240sx Future D1 Grand Prix and Formula D competitor Ross Petty back in his original S13 / 240sx coupe in Hawaii. Before Ross arrived at the Drift Session back in November 2001, no one was performing manji drifts, but after Ross' arrival, 1/4 mile manjis were the norm.
drifting z32 300zx Steve "Steve-O" Oliberos in his naturally aspirated Nissan 300Z performing a two-handed "super shaka."
red ae86 Lance "LT" Tsubota's Toyota Corolla GTS. Lance is the fabricator behind many of the Drift Session drivers' extended steering wheel hubs.
blue ae86 Royce Fujimoto in his AE86 hatchback. Back in the early days, Royce's hachi had a sparkly blue paintjob, but changed to rootbeer brown with gold flake in later years.
ssr mkIII wheels Stanford "Handsome Stan" Lau's wheels SSR Mk III's.
sr20 240sx 180sx Jupiter Kajiyama driving Wendell Yamada's SR20 swapped Nissan 240sx. Back in 2001, this was one of the few SR20 swapped 240s in Hawaii.
drifting cars The lineup heading to the single corner at long course turn 1. It's a 1/4 mile straightaway leading to a single 180 degree corner. The straight allowed for good car control practice with drivers performing manji drifts all the way down to the corner.
sunisa sims ae86 Sunisa Sims posing next to Justin "The Ruckus" Kikkawa's Toyota Corolla GTS. If you see the smash on the driver's side door, that's from a 55 gallon drum. Justin actually stuck his arm out the window (mid-drift) to stiff-arm the drum in order to protect his car.
ross petty 240sx Ross Petty and his entourage. Still one of the coolest guys in drifting today.
drifting 300zx Casey in his turbo Nissan 300Z.
drifting rx7 fc3s Tom Bryant in his Mazda FC3S RX7. Apparently something (the wastegate?) got stuck on the motor and Tom experienced a large boost in horsepower. Rather than stopping to figure out what happened, Tom took advantage of the extra horsepower and drove the car hard until the motor blew up.
drifting ek9 honda civic Jason Tam-Hoy in one of his Honda Civics.
drift gundan sticker The Drift Gundan!
drifters in hawaii Another early picture of drivers at the Drift Session.
maroon ae86 Justin Kikkawa's AE86 back when it first started coming to the track. By 2005 this vehicle had just about fallen apart after years of hard drifting.
motorcycles November 2001, the guys from 808Speed partnered with the Drift Session to run a Drift / Motorcycle event featuring some of Hawaii's best stunt riders. This was the first motorcycle stunt event ever held in Hawaii. 
hawaii most hated The guys from Hawaii's "Most Hated" motorcycle group.
most hated girls The chicks that hang out with guys that ride motorcycles.
most hated girls More chicks that hang out with motorcycle riding guys.
hawaii racecar drivers Drifting guys; notice there's no chicks around. Just kidding; their girlfriends are off camera.
changing drift tires Changing tires at the Drift Session.
jaime kunisaki Wendy Honker and Jamie Kunisaki at the Drift / Motorcycle event. 
ae86 body kit Occasionally drivers with nicer body kits would just pop them off at the track rather than smash them all up. Here's Justin "The Ruckus" Kikkawa's front bumper.
drifting honda civic sedan Kyle Arai in his front wheel drive Honda Civic sedan.
drift crash damage Battle scars left on the 1/4 mile guardrails.
ae86 coupe silver Stanford "Handsome Stan" Lau waiting his turn in line.
drift datsun 240z Shane Oliberos in his early 70's Datsun 240z.
sunisa sims ae86 levin Sunisa Sims with a non-drifted AE86 Levin hatchback.
ae86 coupe Pedro Dominon waiting in line before hitting the short course.
drifting spectators Spectator seating area in the early days.
ae86 burnout Justin Kikkawa putting on a smoke show in his individually-throttle-bodied drift vehicle.
black drifting 300zx Shane (left) and Steve (right) Oliberos and Steve's NA 300Z.
drifting yellow audi s4 Shige Hirabayashi's Audi S4.
blue ae86 corolla Royce Fujimoto's blue AE86 with Celica-Supra wheels.
stanford lau Stanford "Handsome Stan" Lau driving someone else's car.
shredded tires More shredded tires. Tires used to shred easily back in the early days when many drivers used to go dumpster diving for throwaway tires from tire shops.
stanford lau Stanford changing tires while his girlfriend watches patiently. I think we've taken several pictures of Stanford over the years that look just like this one except the girlfriends keep changing.
justin kikkawa drift Justin Kikkawa tearing it up in the skid pad.
track blower Using the blower to clean off the track after a hard day of drifting.




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