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December 20, 2003
Drift Session 2




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December 20, 2003 the final Drift Session event in the 2003 season. Gates opened at 8am, as sleepy eyed drifters made their way into Hawaii Raceway Park and started unloading their spare tires. The morning was unusually quiet and still for a Saturday in Kapolei, but not for long.

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Shortly after a quick driver's meeting at 9am, the short course was opened, allowing drivers to take to the track at will. Beginners proceeded down to long course turn 1 with Tom Bryant to work on some basic drifting skills before being turned loose on the short course.

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The day quickly started off with a bang as Denny Cabal completed his first ever connected topside drift through the chicane, off camber, and entry to the sweeper. The thrill was short lived, however, as Denny performed his choku-dori into the staging lanes only to have his rear wheels hook up suddenly, causing him to brake instinctively and send his car head on into the telephone pole at the Skid Pad exit. Thanks to some helpful drivers and spectators, the car was quickly taken off the track and returned to the pit area where damage could be inspected.

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Upon inspection, Denny found his radiator punctured and front end pretty banged up. Tie straps were soon found and plans were made to tow the vehicle home for repair. But the day had only just started and Denny had yet to master the top side of the track. After a quick guillotine leg drop onto his smashed hood, Denny turned to his brother Kenny and said, "Eh, I like borrow your car."

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Kenny put his faith into his younger brother and let him jump behind the wheel of his 240sx coupe. A few laps later, Denny was finally able to get the hang of the topside, allowing him to connect all corners perfectly at the top of 3rd gear. 

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Another driver that ran into trouble early on in the day was Barry Wong, who ended up stalled out on the quarter mile straightaway. After towing his car back to the pit, Barry couldn't manage to start his car again, Quickly attaching a tow bar to his car, Barry took his GTS back home, only to return a hour later with his 240sx hatchback with brand new SR20 DET engine swap.

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With much delight, Barry found that many of his GTS rims and tires fit nicely onto his 240sx. Quickly bolting up his spares, Barry returned to the track to test his new setup in his daily driver. The SR20 engine provided Barry with the power that his GTS lacked, allowing him to perform his drifts with ease.

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A short while later, Barry's car returned through the middle access pit road, appearing to be hobbling back to the pit. Upon arrival we could see that Barry made contact with the quarter mile straightaway guardrails on his driver's side, smashing up 2 rims and dotting the side of his car with dents and scrapes. After popping off his front rims, Barry also saw that one of his control arms was bent as well. One cell phone call to veteran driver Steve Oliberos and Barry would soon have the parts necessary to get back onto the track again.

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By the time Barry's car was put back together again, the day was just about over. People were packing up and the track was being cleaned, but there was still time for donut practice in the skid pad. Jon Nasu, Steve Oliberos, Kyle Arai and Barry Wong jumped into the middle of the skid pad to display their donut making skills. Kyle Arai's Honda Civic put up the most smoke with his reverse donuts, leaving everyone watching with black boogers in their noses.

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Barry, Jon, and Steve put on an impressive display with their 3 man donut exhibition, with Barry and Jon performing nose to nose donuts in the middle of the skid pad, while Steve performed wide sweeping donuts around them.

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Despite some minor incidents, the Drift Session 2 was a great event for drivers and spectators alike. Stay tuned to driftsession.com for the 2004 event schedule to be posed soon.






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