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Signal Auto Drift Challenge Pictures




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  allstarhawaii.jpg (57588 bytes)

Kosuke Kida positioning the Drifter X and XL at All Star Hawaii fronting Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki. Putting the cars on display caused quite a commotion in Waikiki as visiters stopped to take pictures and traffic halted to take a look at these amazing vehicles.

  crowdatturn1.jpg (32205 bytes)

The walkway between the main bleachers and Turn 1 was filled with hundreds of spectators waiting for a glimpse of the Drifter Twins along with Hawaii's best.

  eatinglunch.jpg (60695 bytes)

Taking a break before the press conference, Drift Session and Signal Auto staff had a chance to eat lunch at All Star Hawaii.

  grouppicture.jpg (63481 bytes)

Posing for pictures at the press conference, front, l-r: Fumiaki Komatsu, Kosuke Kida, Keisuke Kida. middle, l-r: Paul Umholtz, Kazuya Bai. back, l-r: David Shimokawa, a friend of Signal, and Tom Bryant


loadingdrifterx.jpg (44616 bytes)

Loading the Drifter X to take to Waikiki for the press conference.

  loadingdrifterxl.jpg (50407 bytes)

The Drifter XL being loaded in the extremely nice trailer of Thunder Racing in Paradise.

  picturetakingatallstar.jpg (72338 bytes)

The Drifter XL on display for picture taking at the press conference. Many drivers and fans came down to pose for pictures with the cars and their drivers.


  pressconference.jpg (51911 bytes)

Inside All Star Hawaii, the main dining room was filled with people waiting to meet and greet Signal Auto. Dozens of questions were answered by the Signal Staff as photographers snapped away for websites, newspapers, and magazines. 

  stands.jpg (41030 bytes)

The grandstands were packed at the Signal Auto Drift Challenge as Hawaii Raceway Park brought in one of the largest crowds in its history.

  stands2.jpg (42567 bytes)

Spectators eagerly awaited the debut of the Signal Auto Drifter Twins and were amazed at their outstanding drift performance.



Mazda of Waipahu




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