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Import Xtreme Showdown June 7, 2003





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  andysgirls.jpg (47127 bytes)
The girls from Andy's Bike shop. Suckin motorcycle guys keep hogging all the chicks.
butigroovegirls.jpg (42150 bytes)
Two of the models from Butigroove.
cindyandjackie.jpg (43814 bytes)
Cindy Sato and Jackie Carallos in front of Lance Tsubota's GTS.
  dsbooth.jpg (62773 bytes)
The Drift Session & Grip Video booth at Import Xtreme housed 3 monitors, Ross Petty's 240sx, and Lance Tsubota's GTS.
e2wmodels.jpg (43291 bytes)
The East to West models. "Wow, this car is OLD."
friendsofthebutigirls.jpg (40549 bytes)
Friends of the East to West models. In training maybe? "Wow, this car is older than me."
  frontdesk.jpg (46603 bytes)
The Grip Video desk. Be sure to get your Grip Videos at shows; deals man.
girlfriends.jpg (49447 bytes)
Drift Session girlfriends, l-r: Jody, Candice, Jolene, and Cindy. 
"Where'd our stupid f__cken boyfriends go? They must be selling beer here."
gisselleandgirls.jpg (52629 bytes)
l-r: Janice, Gisselle, and Jackie.
  gisselleandltscar.jpg (56195 bytes)
Gisselle from Butigroove and Lance Tsubota's car. Check out the Signal Auto aqua marks.
gisselleandrosscar.jpg (54531 bytes)
Gisselle and Ross Petty's 240. 20 minutes before the end of vehicle roll in, Ross entered his car painted just 2 hours earlier.
gisselleandrosspetty.jpg (47788 bytes)
Gisselle and Ross Petty. This is what happens when you win drift competitions: hot chicks love you.
  janiceandjackie.jpg (50208 bytes)
Janice & Jackie. Signal Auto was nice enough to send down their vertical banners and Jackie's authentic race queen outfit for the show.
myislandgirls.jpg (55201 bytes)
Lance Tsubota's car.
  prdgivingtheeye.jpg (45816 bytes)
Pedro Dominon giving Janice the "eye." "What's that baby, you like mochiko chicken? Yeah baby! Yeah!" 
prdinpimpmode.jpg (47542 bytes)
Pedro Dominon in full mack daddy mode at the show.
rae.jpg (46790 bytes)
Rae and Lance Tsubota's car.
      sharasgirls.jpg (44882 bytes)
More  "My Island Girls."
Less clothing.
  wmrgirls.jpg (44354 bytes)
Girls from Wicked Machine Racing.
thonggirls.jpg (40299 bytes)
Thong girls. That's right. If you have a GTS, chicks just drop shop for you. This pic was taken right before Ross gave them wedgies until the straps were over their shoulders.
tomoka.jpg (53983 bytes)
Tomoka and one of the Butigroove girls.
  videoscreen.jpg (48098 bytes)
It amazes me how people can come to a car show or any other event, but become fascinated by videos. The power of Grip Video.
theboys.jpg (44333 bytes)
Drift Session boys + beer = Trouble waiting to happen. l-r: Ross Petty, Lance Tsubota, Justin Kikkawa, and Royce Fujimoto.


Mazda of Waipahu




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