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Team Julius 180sx Photo Shoot
August 25, 2003




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Fresh off the boat, the Team Julius 180sx drift vehicle made a quick trip down to the Hawaii Kai boat launch for a photo shoot with 935 Draggers, Scene Magazine, and Grip Video. 

The Julius 180sx is a custom Key Lime colored Nissan 180sx Type X, sporting a 400 hp SR20 DET, Julius aero kit, and SSR SP1 18x9 and 18x10 wheels. At the All Hawaii Drift Championship, this vehicle will be driven by Julius employee Masatoshi Hayashi and the 1st professional female drifter in the US, Ayumi Karasawa.

Joining the photo shoot was local model Nina. Also pictured here is Team Julius owner Hide Hanawa. Check for more photos of the Julius 180sx and Nina in Access Magazine.



Mazda of Waipahu



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