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Drift Session 
July 19, 2003




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(808) 551-1164


Beginners and veterans alike got the chance to experiment and learn on this regular Drift Session event.

The Road Course and the U-Turn were modified for beginner drifters and driver feedback was given by some of our top drivers.

Over half of the registered drivers were brand new to the track, and they gave it their best.  


Photo Gallery

  240.jpg (59908 bytes)
240 lining up for the Skid Pad.
brandon.jpg (55596 bytes)
Brandon Hiroshige keeping it real.
clinton.jpg (63402 bytes)
Clinton Gushiken waiting in line for the Skidpad.
  dennyrazor.jpg (46333 bytes)
Denny Cabal with his Razor Scooter.
razordrift.jpg (46187 bytes)
Not bringing enough spare tires to the DS, Denny was reduced to drifting his scooter.
frankie.jpg (61708 bytes)
Frankie in the shade.
  ianandjustin.jpg (60003 bytes)
Ian Correia and Justin ready to make a warm up run.
  kyleandlance.jpg (55685 bytes)
Kyle Arai and Lance Tsubota.
  kyuuni.jpg (53478 bytes)
Kyu-Ni at the Road Course.
landon.jpg (50295 bytes)
Landon Ibara manning the Road Course starting line.
lane.jpg (49244 bytes)
Lane Murakami and his Camaro.
  larsen.jpg (50042 bytes)
Larsen Ibara.
leeatstartingline.jpg (43701 bytes)
Lee Jensen manning the Skid Pad starting line.
levi.jpg (53787 bytes)
Levi Hookano.
  pedro.jpg (55658 bytes)
Pedro Dominon and the nicer of his 2 240sx's.
driverfeedback.jpg (158781 bytes)
Getting driver feedback from Chris Messer.
reclining.jpg (55682 bytes)
Reclining while watching the Road Course.
  rimsandtires.jpg (60792 bytes)
Stacks of tires.
royce.jpg (52963 bytes)
Royce Fujimoto exiting the Skid Pad.
  silvia.jpg (43612 bytes)
Clean Silvia front end conversion.
starion.jpg (62329 bytes)
Justin's Mitsubishi Starion.
tirepile.jpg (60644 bytes)
Beginners lining up in front of the old timer's tire pile.
  warmups.jpg (54098 bytes)
Beginners were given the chance to experiment in the Skid Pad.
weighin.jpg (53491 bytes)
Sky Pryne weighing in his RX7 at the Sportcraft Racing scales.
yuniandcandace.jpg (60405 bytes)
Yuni and Candice waiting their turn for the Skid Pad.


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