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Drifting Videos -- Old Drift Session clips via Speedhawaii Video

Wow, this is super-duper old footage, which is great. I don't think I even have footage from these old-time OG Drift Session events. This is from the pre-helmet, no-need-long pants or shoes events. I think I spotted Justin Kikkawa, Jason Tam-Hoy, Shige Hirabayashi, Jeron Sambrano, Camaro Chris Kam,  the Oliberos brothers, pre-nice AE86 Stanford Lau, Ross Petty, and Ed Kubo. There's even throwback video footage from Hawaii's "import scene" circa 2001 including things like pre-Grip Video Jason Ryan, sunken-in wheels, Streetcar Showoff interfoolers and Kaminari body kits, and partying at Venus nightclub.

 Drifting Videos -- 880 Horsepower AE86?

F22 swap - custom rods on stock pistons /head work KAB custom valve train with stock valves, cams and head
-Turbo GTW 3884R (6765)
-hyboost_fab manifold with twin 46 precision gates
-Stock s2 trans AP2 
-Engine management Aem V2
-Clutch masters twin disc
-magna fuel pump EFI750
-2150 injectors 
-Modified AEM fuel rail
-Stock intake manifold
-75mm skunk2 Tbody

Drifting Videos -- Import Model Hot Dog Eating Contest

While it might be a stretch to go around calling every girl at a car show a "model," watching girls stuff their faces with hot dogs is entertaining, none the less. The Nihon Festival of Vancouver put together this hot dog eating contest, which might set the tone for other car shows in the future. Adding some form of non-appearance based competition amongst girls at the show definitely adds an entertainment factor that often goes under utilized. This video is hilarious; that is so much sodium. These girls are going to bloat up like water balloons tomorrow.

 Drifting Videos -- Chelsea DeNofa at Formula D Atlanta

We rode shotgun with Chelsea DeNofa at Road Atlanta to see what it's like to be a professional Formula Drift driver on race day. Make sure to watch Chelsea and the rest of Formula Drift's top drivers compete all season long, live on Network A.


Drifting Videos -- Drift Session Old School Videos

Video footage from the early days of the Drift Session at Hawaii Motorsports Center in Kapolei, Hawaii. I think this video footage was edited together by Stanford Lau but was probably filmed by a bunch of his different girlfriends over the years. 

Featured Drivers:
Justin Kikkawa aka "The Ruckus"
Lance Tsubota aka "LT"
Barry Wong
Denny Cabal
Pedro Dominon aka "P.R.D."
Forrest Wang
Stanford Lau aka "Handsome Stan"
Ross Petty
Matt McQuain aka "Matto"
Royce Fujimoto aka "RoyceR"
Ed Kubo aka "Eduardo"
Jon aka "Johnny Redondo"

 Drifting Videos -- 2016.06.14 Wekfest Hawaii 2016

Wekfest started off their tour with the Beautiful State of Hawaii. Only 300 prescreened cars and trucks were allowed in the show. Thank you again Wekfest and crew for putting up an awesome show... Enjoy

Drifting Videos -- 2016.06.14 Drift Matsuri with 1JZ Drift Car

Drift Diairies Episode 23 - Me, Jamie and Vil embark on an adventure to the spring Drift Matsuri at Rockingham speedway England. This is the first Matsuri I've drifted at, and my Toyota Soarer / SC300 1jzgte didn't miss a beat! Running a stock 1JZ circa 280bhp, LS400 brakes, Tein coilovers, modified knuclkes, welded differential and an assortment of Strongflex bushes my practice drift car is a hoot to drive. Video incldes 1JZ exhaust / engine sounds, a few light crashes, Monster Energy driver Baggsi in his S13 180SX, the Drift Street Imports Team (S14 SR20DET, S14 2JZ, S15 VR38) and an assortment of laughs, banter and smiles. Hope you enjoy the video, frest content every week! Cheers ML

Drifting Videos -- 2016.06.14 Supercars go drifting in Monaco

Drifting Videos -- 2016.06.08 Mad Mike Whiddett visits Japan

2016.06.08 Made Mike Whiddett

 Drifting Videos -- 2016.06.08 Crazy Street Drifting

2016.06.08 Crazy Street Drifting

import model 2016.06.06

Drifting Girls & Import Models -- Import Models June 6, 2016

2016.06.06 Import Models

Paul Umholtz Kerry Tsuki

Drifting Videos -- Drift Session Open Practice Video February 4, 2006

Hawaii drifters take to the track. Open Practice Drift Video

Kerry and KC Ortogero

Drifting Videos -- Drift Session Open Practice Video March 11, 2006

Hawaii drifters take to the track. Open Practice Drift Video

Hurricane Sandy Drift

Drifting Videos -- Hurricane Sandy Drift

Glad to see some people are still having fun in NYC. Hurricane Sandy Drift

Hyper Drift Hawaii

Drifting Videos -- Hyperdrift Hawaii

New video from the RC drift guys out in Hawaii. Hi.Story

Nissan GTR

Drifting Cars -- R35 Nissan GTR

While not your typical drifting vehicle, the Nissan GTR is a true Japanese supercar and a force to be reconned with. R35 Nissan GTR

Turbo Toyota Aristo GS300 Drifting

Video -- Friends Racing 1000 Horsepower Toyota Aristo Drifting

Friends Racing is a tuning shop in Japan where they complete in the D1 Grand Prix professional drift series with several vehicles. One of the vehicles they use for the D1 Street Legal competition is this 1000 horsepower Toyota Aristo (USA Lexus GS300). Very cool car to watch drifting here at Nikko Circuit. Friends Racing Toyota Aristo Drift

Toyota AE86 vs Honda Civic EK9

Video -- AE86 vs. Honda Civic Type R

For 20+ years old the AE86 still has a lot of fight left in it. Keiichi Tsuchiya demonstrates in a battle against a Honda Civic Type R. AE86 vs. Honda Civic Type R

Gran Turismo PS3

Video -- 2008 GT (Gran Turismo) Awards

Each year, Kazunori Yamauchi the CEO of Polyphony Digital comes to the SEMA Show to select one vehicle to be digitized and become part of gaming history as an official vehicle in the Gran Turismo video game franchise. 2008 GT Awards Ceremony

Girls of the SEMA Show Las Vegas

Video -- Girls of the 2008 SEMA Show

Now fast cars are one thing, but hot chicks and fast cars is a truly great combination. Check out this year's lineup of hot car show models at the 2008 SEMA Show. 2008 SEMA Show Models

SEMA Show Las Vegas

Going to the SEMA Show

If you want to get a better idea of the aftermarket industry as a whole, you'll need to get to this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas. How to get to SEMA Part 1

How to Get to SEMA Part 2

Drifting Cars Nissan 350z z33

Drifting Cars: Nissan 350Z

Picture gallery and overview of a very popular drifting vehicle that's still available new from the dealership. Nissan 350Z

Nissan s13 silvia 240sx

Drifting Cars: Nissan Silvia S13

Picture gallery and overview of one of the most popular Japanese drift vehicles in use today. Nissan Silvia S13

Katsuhiro Ueo D1 Grand Prix Driver

Drifters: Katsuhiro Ueo

In the world of drifting there are few drivers that have driven the AE86 to the absolute limit. Katsuhiro Ueo is one of these drivers. Katsuhiro Ueo

FC3S Mazda RX7

Drifting Cars: FD3S Mazda RX-7

Picture gallery and overview of the rotary powered vehicle that D1 Grand Prix driver Youichi Imamura piloted to the championship. FD3S Mazda RX-7

AE86 Toyota Corolla GTS Sprinter Trueno Levin

Drifting Cars: AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S

While some people might look at this 20+ year old car as a has been, the AE86 or "Hachiroku" has carved out a place for itself in Japanese tuner history. AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S

Nissan S15 Silvia 240sx

Drifting Cars: Nissan Silvia S15

A sleek and futuristic looking vehicle, the Nissan Silvia S15 has been the vehicle of choice for dozens of competitive drifters in Japan. Nissan Silvia S15

Formula D Round 4: Las Vegas; Event Schedule

Heading to Sin City for this weekend's Formula D event? Well you're going to need a schedule of events to know what's going on. Formula D Event Schedule

How to Select Which Drifting Events to Attend

With more and more event choices out there, how can you ensure that you get your money's worth when selecting a drifting event to drive in? Which Events to Attend

Wangan Midnight Anime

Wangan Midnight Episode 2

Follow Akio Asakura in the Devil Z as they battle on the Wangan. Wangan Midnight Episode 2

Wangan Midnight Anime

Wangan Midnight Episode 1

Follow Akio Asakura in the Devil Z as they battle on the Wangan. Wangan Midnight Episode 1

Adidas Shoes

Cool Gear - February 2008

Cool clothes, gadgets, and gear for February 2008. Cool Gear - February 2008

Justin Carvalho and model at SEMA 2007

SEMA Show 2007 Part 5

The Drift Session heads in to Las Vegas for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Tons of cool cars, hot chicks, and all you can eat buffets. SEMA Show 2007 Part 5

Las Vegas SEMA 2007 Bellagio Fountains

SEMA Show 2007 Part 4

The Drift Session heads in to Las Vegas for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Tons of cool cars, hot chicks, and all you can eat buffets. SEMA Show 2007 Part 4

Las Vegas SEMA 2007 Fremont Street

SEMA Show 2007 Part 3

The Drift Session heads in to Las Vegas for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Tons of cool cars, hot chicks, and all you can eat buffets. SEMA Show 2007 Part 3

Justin Carvalho and models SEMA 2007

SEMA Show 2007 Part 2

The Drift Session heads in to Las Vegas for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Tons of cool cars, hot chicks, and all you can eat buffets. SEMA Show 2007 Part 2

Birth of Pro Street Documentary

SPIKE TV will be airing "The Birth of Speed: Pro Street" documentary tonight. The show will focus on the rise of street racing into the mainstream import / drifting events of today. Check your local cable listings.

SEMA 2007 donk car 30" wheels

SEMA Show 2007 Part 1

The Drift Session heads in to Las Vegas for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Tons of cool cars, hot chicks, and all you can eat buffets. SEMA Show 2007 Part 1

How to Build a Drift Car

How to Build a Drift Car Part 3

Continuing coverage for how to build yourself a drift car. This week we get into basic performance parts upgrades for drift vehicles. How to Build a Drift Car Part 3...

2006 Tokyo Auto Salon Akihabara

Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 Part 4

The Drift Session returns to the motherland in search of cool cars, drifters, j-girls, otakus and shabu shabu. Part 4 Pictures & article, as we explore Otaku-Town, Akihabara. Tokyo Auto Salon 2006...

Track Blower Machine

New Track Saftey & Work Apparel

September 21, 2007. New items added to the apparel section. Reflective apparel and safety vests help to make you more visible to drivers when you're out working the track. Track Safety Apparel...

Colorado Allied Drift Club AE86 Toyota Corolla GTS

Colorado Allied Drift Club

September 19, 2007. Greeley, CO. Colorado's growing drift scene holds another event at the Island Grove Regional Park. Colorado Allied Drift Club...

Best Motoring DVD

Best Motoring USA vs. Japan Drift Off

August 30, 2007. Best Motoring Video returns to the USA to challenge Gushi and Millen to a drift battle. The Pontiac Solstice and Mazda MX5 are reviewed. 5 performance cars meet for the Battle of Sugo, and Orido and Taniguchi travel to Phoenix, AZ. for the GT Live event. Best Motoring DVD...

Best Motoring Press Release

August 29, 2007. Check out the newest info from our friends at GTChannel.com and Best Motoring Video. Best Motoring Press Release...

Nick Hogan Car Crash

Nick Hogan Involved in High Speed Car Crash

August 27, 2007 7:30pm EST Nick Hogan is reported to have been involved in a high speed collision with a palm tree while driving his Toyota Supra in Clearwater, Florida. Both Hogan and his passenger have been air lifted to a nearby hospital. Nick Hogan Involved in Crash...

Drifting Ringtones

Drifting Ringtones Added

Check the merchandise section of the website for all new drifting ringtones for your mobile phone. Why stick with a boring song when you can put on drifting 240s, AE86s, individual throttle bodies, and much more! Drifting Ringtones Available...

Yashio Factory Nissan Silvia S15 Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 Part 3

The Drift Session returns to the motherland in search of cool cars, drifters, j-girls, otakus and shabu shabu. Part 3 Pictures & article. Tokyo Auto Salon 2006... 

Initial D

Initial D Anime Overview: 

Here's some info on Initial D, the Japanese racing anime, so you can brush up on your drifting pop culture. Initial D Anime Overview...

Tanabe Racing Development

Tanabe USA Looking For R&D Vehicles: 

Do you have a stock import vehicle and are located in the Torrance, CA area? If so, check this vehicle list from Tanabe USA and find out how you can score some free performance parts for your ride. Tanabe USA Wants Test Vehicles...

Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights PS2

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights: 

THQ is scheduled to release their sequel to Juiced on September 25, 2007, but this time they've partnered with car show heavy hitters Hot Import Nights to bring their unique style, music, and women into the gaming world. Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights...

Selecting Which Drifting Events to Attend: 

With the addition of several new professional drifting series in the US in 2007, how do you choose which to attend? Selecting Which Drifting Events to Attend...

Drifting Suspension Coilovers

Drifting Suspension Systems Review: 

If you're going to be drifting you'll need to upgrade that stock suspension for better handling and to give your ride the aggressive stance you're looking for. Drifting Suspension Systems Review...

Drifting Exhaust System

Drifting Exhaust Systems Review: 

Help your ride breathe easier with a tuned exhaust system. Drifting Exhaust Systems Review...

Drifting Merchandise: Photo Blocker Spray! 

Avoid photo traffic tickets with this undetectable spray that blocks out your license plate to roadside cameras. Offer not available where not legal.  Photo Blocker Spray...

Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift 

Behind the scenes video of your favorite drifting movie. Behind the Scenes of Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift...

Drift Session Video Yearbook

Highlights of the Drift Session in 2006. Music by Zoundbox. Drift Session Video Yearbook...

Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

Editorial: Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift 

Article, trailer, story. Starring some guy I've never seen before, I girl I've never heard of, a Korean guy that never seems to lift his head when talking to people, and Little Bow Wow. Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift Editorial...

D1 Grand Prix Professional Drift Series

D1 Grand Prix - Irwindale, CA. 

March 4, 2006. The Drift Session staff travels to Irwindale, California to witness the first round of the 2006 D1 Grand Prix season. Event article, pictures and more. 2006 USA D1 Grand Prix...

D1 Street Legal

February 4-5, 2006. Event article, pictures, scores and more from the D1 Street Legal series. Article by Drift Session Japan correspondant Justin Carvalho. D1 Street Legal...

Drift Session Video

February 4, 2006 Open drifting practice video with Zoundbox. February 2006 Drift Session Video...

Mitchell Precht RC Drift

Drifter Profile

Drift Session Group A Driver Mitchell Precht and his pervert green (S14) kouki converted 240sx. Drifter Driver Profile...

Drift Session

March 11, 2006 drifting event pictures & article. Drifting Pictures and Article...

Drift Session

February 4, 2006 drifting event pictures & article. Drifting Pictures and Article...

Drift Session Video

Group A Competition Video Drifting Competition Video...

Drift Session Video

January 21, 2006 Open Practice video with Golfkart Rebellion. Drifting Practice Video...

Bomba Yamamoto Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon 2006

The Drift Session returns to the motherland in search of cool cars, drifters, j-girls, otakus and shabu shabu. Part 2 Pictures & article. Tokyo Auto Salon 2006... 

Mike Kitchens Tokyo Auto Salon

2006 Tokyo Auto Salon Video

Check out Tokyo and the Tokyo Auto Salon in Makuhari Japan. PART 1 Tokyo Auto Salon Video...

RC Drifting

Hawaii Dori-Ten R/C Drift Meeting 

January 22, 2006. The Drift Tengoku staff visits Hawaii and Doriten Editor in Chief Ryusuke Kawasaki breaks out his pink Doriten R/C drift car to take on Hawaii's best at Sandy Flemming's R/C track. Event Pictures & article. R/C Drifting with Drift Tengoku...

Drifting Girls

Drift Session

January 21, 2006 drifting event pictures & article. Drifting Event Pictures...

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Auto Salon 2006

The Drift Session returns to the motherland in search of cool cars, drifters, j-girls, otakus and shabu shabu. Part 1 Pictures & article. Tokyo Auto Salon 2006...

Drift Session

September 10, 2005 Special Guest D1 Driver Tetsuya Hibino visits Hawaii and shows our drivers a thing or two. For those of you who don't know Hibino, he's the "flying kamikaze" driver that jumped his way into the limelight at the Ebisu D1 Grand Prix several years ago. Event pictures, videos, and article. Tetsuya Hibino at the Drift Session...  

Drift Session Scores 

from the September 10, 2005 Group A Competition Drifting Competition Scores...

Drift Session

May 14, 2005 Special visit by D1 Grand Prix Champion Katsuhiro Ueo as he spreads the word of the drift.  Katsuhiro Ueo at the Drift Session...

Super Lap Series

Dec 18, 2004 Time Attack scores and season results. Super Lap Series and Time Battle Scores...

SEMA 2004  

The Drift Session travels to Las Vegas for the annual SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show. Plentiful buffets, cheap liquor, and even cheaper women; we're right at home! SEMA Show 2004 in Las Vegas...

Super Lap Series

Oct 30, 2004 Article & Results Get the latest from the hottest new motorsports series in Hawaii. Lap the track with Hawaii's fastest street cars and import tuners and battle it out in the ever popular "Time Battle" (TM) Super Lap Series and Time Battle (TM) Scores...

Drift Session Driver's Roster  

See exactly who make up the ranks of Drift Session drivers. Drifting Driver's Roster...

R/C Drift Competition

Remote controlled car drifting is the newest rage in Hawaii and the first ever R/C drift competition was held at this year's Streetcar Showoff. R/C Drift Competition at Streetcar Showoff...

Streetcar Showoff 2004

Pseudo performance cars return to Hawaii with tons of chicks! Streetcar Showoff 2004...

Ken Maeda 

D1 Grand Prix driver Ken Maeda returns to Hawaii to help Sportcraft with their Pro Drift FC3S. For those of you that don't know Ken Maeda, he took a D1 Grand Prix win at Sekiya Hills while driving the bright yellow Up Garage turbocharged AE86. Ken Maeda at the Drift Session...


July 25, 2004 Speedfest Pictures. Drift Session co-owner Tom Bryant gets challenged to a race: street bike vs. formula car on the HRP road course. And, Drift Session drivers put on a demonstration that causes more than a few people to wet their pants. Drift Session at Speedfest...

Infiniti G35 Drift Review

The Drift Session abuses  the Motortrend car of the year: the Infiniti G35 coupe. Thank goodness we didn't have to buy this car in order to test it out. Infiniti G35 Drift Review...

Super Lap Series

April 17th, 2004 Time Battle Competition. Fast lap times and season points championship. Super Lap Series and Time Battle Competition...

Super Lap Series

April 17th, 2004 Road racing action returns to Hawaii Motorsports Center. Super Lap Series and Time Battle Competition...

Drift Society

Grip Video's newest DVD, Drift Society, soon to be released; plus Ross Petty signed to drive in Formula D. Drift Society DVD by Grip Video...

Drifting... from a female perspective  

10 questions with Candis Higa, wife of Formula D driver Barry Wong. Her opinions on drifting, what makes a good drifter, and how she contributes to her husband's success in the world of drifting. Drifting From a Female Perspective...

Super Lap Driver's Clinic

March 20th, 2004  Beginner drivers were introduced to road racing in the Drift Session's new event series. Super Lap Series Driver's Clinic...


Kell Komatsubara's S2000 powered FC3S project, Step 2: Stripping the car and prepping the body. RX7 / FC3S with Honda S2000 Motor...

Ken Maeda

Famous Japan pro drifter Ken Maeda from Grenade / Up Garage caught up with us during his vacation in Hawaii. Ken Maeda at the Drift Session...

2004 Super Lap Press Release 

The most updated info regarding the upcoming Super Lap season at HMC. Super Lap Series Press Release...

Q & A with "World Famous" Paul Umholtz

Former FF Drag Race Champion turns animal drifter. Paul stepped into the racing world in the mid-1990's when he set the Hawaii state record for the quickest FWD 4-cylinder (Honda Civic hatchback). Since then, Paul has quickly moved through an AE86 and into his current S13.  Paul Umholtz, Drag Racer Turned Drifter...

Q & A with Barry Wong

2004 Drift Session Season Champion and D1 Grand Prix & Formula D competitor. Get up close and personal with Drift Session driver / personality Barry Wong. Formula D and D1 Competitior Barry Wong...

360 Video JDM Insider 2

Check out the press release and video trailer from 360 Video's newest installment of Japan automotive action. Also featuring our friends from the Nightwalkers in Yokohama Japan. 360 Video JDM Insider 2 DVD...

Super Lap Series 

Wheel to wheel racing and time attack competition is making its way back to Hawaii Raceway Park! Super Lap Series and Time Battle Competition...

Drift Session Desktop Backgrounds 

Here's a few larger images for those of you wanting to customize your computer desktop with drifting pictures and drift cars. Drifting Desktop Backgrounds...

D1 Grand Prix at Tsukuba

Drift Session correspondent Justin Carvalho writes in to give us the play by play of the top dogs in drifting. D1 Grand Prix at Tsukuba...

2003 South Pac 

The Sport Craft dragster makes it's Top Gun debut at over 200 mph. 2003 Hawaii South Pac...

Stocking Stuffers for Drifters

A quick list of thoughtful gifts for drifters that won't break the bank. Christmas Gifts for Drifters...

December 2003 Hawaii Hachi Meet 

The quarterly hachi-roku meet took place Sunday December 7, at Kapiolani Community College. Hawaii's best (and worst) hachi-rokus come out to cruise the island and eat at Round Table Pizza. 2003 Hawaii Hachi-Roku Meeting... 

Kell Komatsubara's FC3S

Before heading out to the December 2003 Hawaii Hachi Cruise, I stopped by Colin Lau's house in Kahala. For those of you... RX7 / FC3S with Honda S2000 Motor...

The Drift Session on Da Bomb 102.7  

Jodi Shiroma from Sassy / G Magazine invited the Drift Session down to Da Bomb's studios for their weekly radio talk show. This week's issue: Street Racing. Drift Session on KDDB Da Bomb 102.7...

Drift Tengoku Article

Translated by Central Anime Hawaii After the All Hawaii Drift Championship, visiting driver Naoyuki Nagatsuka wrote an article about his experience in Hawaii for Drift Tengoku magazine. Drift Session in Drift Tengoku Magazine...

Kanagawa Style  

Big, bad, 4-door drift machines from the Yokohama Bay area. Drifting Sedans from Kanagawa Japan...


From the producers of great movies like 'The Fast & the Furuious' and 'SWAT' comes another attempt to capitalize on the racing / performance market. Torque the Movie...

Drift Annual

Grip Video has combined all the drifting from their videos and created a Drift year book of the past year! This monumental year has been so exciting and the Drifting movement has grown by leaps and bounds. Drift Annual DVD by Grip Video...

All Hawaii Drift Championship

pics added to Imagestation. All Hawaii Drift Championship Photos...

Dominic Schwager and Manabu Orido 

In round 5 of the Japan Grand Touring Circuit, one of the Drift Session's friends, Dominic Schwager placed in the top 10, along with teammate Manabu Orido (Option Video). GT Driver Dominic Schwager Visits the Drift Session...

Japan Pro Wrestlers visit the Drift Session

Jun Akiyama, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Makoto Hashi all took a few spins around Hawaii Raceway Park last week. Pro Wrestlers Visit the Drift Session...

Import Xtreme Showdown 2003  

June 7 - 8, 2003 at the Hawaii Convention Center. Ross Petty and Lance Tsubota displayed their vehicles in the Drift Session / Grip Video booth. 2003 Import Xtreme Showdown in Hawaii...

The 2003 Signal Auto Drift Challenge  

Over 2,500 screaming spectators visited the Drift Session for the ultimate in drift competition. Signal Auto Drift Challenge in Hawaii...

Drift Session in the Honolulu Advertiser

Coverage from the King of the Street event. Drift Session in the Honolulu Advertiser...

2003 Tokyo Auto Salon

Drift Session co-founders David Shimokawa and Tom Bryant make the trip to the motherland of the drift. 2003 Tokyo Auto Salon...

Drift Session Event Spectator Reactions

Check out what people have to say about the Drift Session. Drifting Event Spectator Reactions...

Etsumi Kawashima visits the Drift Session  

Etsumi Kawashima, owner of a popular chain of hair salons in Japan and avid drifter made a recent trip to Hawaii to visit the Drift Session and Hawaii Raceway Park. Etsumi Kawashima Visits the Drift Session...

Team Julius 180sx

Fresh off the boat, the Team Julius 180sx drift vehicle made a quick trip down to the Hawaii Kai boat launch for a photo shoot with 935 Draggers, Scene Magazine, and Grip Video. Team Julius 180sx...




Just Drift

D1 Grand Prix

Formula D


VIP Style Cars



Ask Men.com


Ever since the Drift Session started, we've been flooded with requests to help out people who are new to the sport of drifting. The Beginner's Drifting Section is dedicated to helping you get up to speed with the rest of the drivers and spectators in our sport. Good luck!

Making the Most of Drifting Events. Drifting events can be expensive. Learn how to maximize your time and money at each event. How to Make the Most of Drifting Events...

Drifting Event Do's & Don'ts. An essential guide of how to do things at your local drift event. Do's and Don'ts for Drifting Events...

1st Time Drifting? Congratulations on making the first step towards becoming a top drifter... attending your first drifting event on a track. Here is some information for newcomers to drifting. Tips for Your First Time Drifting...

Drift Session FAQ's. General questions about drifting that we have to answer all the time. Drifting FAQ's

Frequently Alluded Questions. You ever get the feeling that someone asking questions is only doing so to hint at their true intentions? That's what this section is for. Drifting Frequently Asked Questions...

How to Build a "Drift Car" chapter 1. Choosing a vehicle. Choosing a Vehicle for Drifting...

How to Build a "Drift Car" chapter 2. Characteristics of a drift car. Characteristics of a Drift Car...

How to Build a "Drift Car" chapter 3. Basic performance part upgrades for your drift vehicle. Drift car parts upgrades...

Drifting in Japan A brief history of drifting from a foreigner's perspective. Article by Justin Carvalho. History of Drifting in Japan...

Braking Techniques Part 1 A brief overview of this important technique. Braking Techniques...

Braking Techniques Part 2 Threshold braking. Threshold Braking Techniques...

Braking Techniques Part 3 Trail braking. Trail Braking Techniques...

How to Watch a Drifting Event Tips for the first-time spectator at drifting events. Watching Drifting Events...



Our Mission:
The Drift Session exists to advance the sport of drifting through competition, promotion, production, and exhibitions.


What the Drift Session can do for you:
1) Provide consultation for any drifting or road racing related projects.


2) Provide racing instruction.


3) Provide advertising space at driftsession.com.


4) Provide sponsorship of individual vehicles for your company.


5) Call us for custom requests and sponsorship packages.


Business Partnerships:

The Drift Session is always looking for future business opportunities and partnerships. If you have project that you would like to see materialize, or you want to talk to us about a joint-venture you have in mind, please feel free to get in contact with us. We'd love to hear from you.


Company Profile:
The Drift Session, LLC. was formed in April 2001 by David Shimokawa and Tom Bryant.


Contact Information:
Drift Session


Drift Session Firsts & Facts
1) The first regularly scheduled drifting events in America (North & South America / Pacific Islands).


2) The first regularly scheduled drifting competitions in America.


3) The first US event to use a Japan drift car and pro driver.


4) The first "tandem" battle format drift competition in America.


5) The first system of rules, regulations, and scoring for drifting in America. 


6) The first championship points series for drifting in the America.


7) The first motorcycle stunt exhibition / competition in Hawaii.


8) The first spectator choice motorsports competition in Hawaii.


9) The first multiple vehicle, head-to-head burnout contest in America.


10) The first vehicular "donut" contest in America.


11) The highest driver participation rate (per capita) of all drifting events in America.


12) The first live radio broadcast of a "drift event" in America.


13) The first drifting event to be featured in Car & Driver Magazine.


14) Featured in Japan's Option Magazine, Battle Magazine, and Drift Tengoku.


15) Written marketing content for Universal Studio's release of "The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift" 


16) Written game manual instructions for Sony Playstation 2's "Street Racing Syndicate."

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