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Drifting Do's & Don'ts


Do's Don'ts


Do use common sense and good judgment while you're at any drifting or other racing event.


Don't be an idiot.


Do wear strong sunscreen and sunglasses if the event is during the daytime.


Don't end up looking like dried aku. Even if it's not hot outside, you can still get sunburned from the UV rays.


Do, have exact change ready at event's entrance gate and / or vehicle registration. It helps the line to move quickly.


Don't pay with coins or large bills because it takes too much time to count spare change and cashiers might not have the change to break big bills.


Do park in designated parking areas.


Don't in the pits or busy areas of the track if your vehicle is not actively participating in the event (or a designated support vehicle).


Do treat all drifting event staff with courtesy and respect. Just cause you pay admission doesn't mean they're working for you. Event workers often help because they want to, not because they're getting paid.


Don't think that drifting event staff owes anyone a favor. 


Do pay to come in. 


Don't hang around outside the gate trying to watch a free show.


Do ask for help and / or instructions if you've never driven at a drifting event before. There is no shame in asking. We want everyone to have fun, so we'd be happy to help.


Don't be too proud to ask for help. All of the people at every drifting event needed help at one time or another and would be more than willing to show you proper procedure.


Do help any other driver who is in need of assistance. You may need help too someday.


Don't drive by someone who needs help and then tell the staff to go help him. Offer your assistance first and we'll be there shortly.

Do inform the drifting event staff of any unsafe track conditions (or drivers) as soon as you see them. 

Don't create an unsafe condition (oil on the roadway, tire debris, etc.) and neglect to tell the drifting event staff. We won't be mad if you make a mess; we'll be mad if you don't tell us and don't help clean it up.


Do go for rides with other drivers. Especially if you're a first timer, ride with someone who can show you the ropes. Be courteous and ask for permission first. The drivers don't need to take you, but most would be willing if you asked nicely.


Don't overstay your welcome in someone else's vehicle and don't disrespect them or their property.

Do remember to sign all track and liability waivers before use the facility. Make sure that each passenger in your vehicle signs the waiver too.


Don't try to sneak new passengers past the safety waiver or you may lose your driving privileges.


Do remember to buckle up every time you get into your vehicle on the track. Also check to see if your passenger is buckled up as well.


Don't make us remind you to buckle up at the starting line. It makes us look like the bad guys, and it makes you look stupid.


Do replace your tires as soon as you start seeing the tire coming apart or showing wires.


Don't keep burning your tires until they pop. That leaves tire debris and tire wire all over the track and creates an unsafe condition for everyone.


Do reduce speed and return to the roadway slowly if you leave the road during a drift run.


Don't keep on the throttle while you're off the road. It kicks up dirt and rocks all over the road and into your paint. 


Do follow the posted speed limit and road signs at the track.


Don't speed and go the opposite direction on the track.


Do get out there and drive. Remember to give drifting its fair chance before you write it off. Drifting is not easy to do, so make sure you give yourself enough track time to learn. Everyone started out really junk, so you'll receive the help you need if you just ask.


Don't denounce drifting just because you're having a hard time. Drifting takes time and guts. If you get enough track time in, you will get better. That's a fact. You just need to invest the time and effort.


Do pay the necessary track fees willingly. The money is necessary to keep the event running.


Don't complain about spending a couple of dollars at the track. Don't be a scrub.


Do bring a tent so you can keep out of the sun. Do remember to tie it down so it doesn't blow away.


Don't leave your rubbish on the ground or in other people's pit areas.


Do line up promptly for the drift competitions. The faster things get organized, the faster you'll be out there drifting. 


Don't be late for the vehicle line up at drift competitions or you may miss your run and forfeit your score.


Do accept your scores at drift competitions gracefully. Most judges are professional drivers and they see a lot more than the spectators can while they're in their judging locations. What may look like a good run at ground level, may look at lot different from an elevated position.


Don't complain about favoritism, bias, or anything like that. Take your score like a man. Win or lose, complaining brings down the entire event.


Do stay in the designated spectator areas of the track.


Don't go where you're not supposed to be. Event officials can't mark all areas of the track, so just ask an official if you're not sure of an off-limits area.


Do take lots of pictures and video for personal use. Drifting is truly a unique event and you and your friends will want to document what you're a part of. Video footage is also helpful to the drivers so they can see how they're doing.


Don't take video footage without permission for commercial use. Always check with event organizers first and get your permission in writing.

  Tires Are Like Shoes. Dress Appropriately.

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