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Drifting Frequently Alluded Questions

(The FAQ's People Think, but do not Ask)

Welcome to the Drift Session's Frequently Alluded Questions about drifting. We receive a lot of email from people seeking to know more about drifting, but oftentimes we get the feeling that their questions aren't exactly stating what they're thinking. Here's our interpretation of those questions. Also be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions here.


Why don't you guys just build a new 'drift track?'
That's because our current track just cost $2 million dollars to re-pave. Plus the land in Hawaii is some of the most expensive around. It's not like a video game; track development takes lots of time and money. For those of you that have millions of dollars at your disposal, try building a drift track and then wait to see who shows up.


Why am I the only one who can drift correctly?
That's because you're only drifting correctly in your own mind. That's kind of like saying, "Why does my mother make the best spaghetti?" There is no 'correct' drift. All too often do we consider what is correct by watching the person who is currently most popular while trying to copy them. 


Is there a certain combination of parts I can just buy so people will think I'm a drifter?
Sure. If you just want to look like a drifter, go buy a 240sx or Toyota Corolla GTS, get some 'deep-dish' wheels, buy a set of coilovers (but remember that have to be able to adjust the camber of your front wheels), and get an N1 type muffler and mount it at an angle. That would be a pretty basic set up for looking like a drifter. If you can't afford all of that stuff though, just take whatever vehicle you have to a real drift event where you can practice. I guarantee you'll look more authentic (while actually drifting)  than the hundreds of guys out there hanging out at In-and-Out Burger with 'authentic' drift parts. 




How do you get sponsored before you start winning events?
From the many shop owners and manufacturers we've talked to, we've found that although many people are interested in drifting and even competing in drifting events, they have much to learn in the world of sponsorship. I won't say that it's impossible, but it is highly unlikely that anyone will sponsor you until you become known and recognized. If no one knows who you are yet, they'd be just as well to give their stickers and merchandise and sponsorship dollars out at random, because all you are is just another guy wanting something for nothing. You're going to get sponsored when you can offer someone something. Until people know your name, know your vehicle and recognize you for what you do, it doesn't make much sense for a sponsor to give you anything. Will your sponsoring company be able to sell more products when people see their logo on your car? The power of association and the celebrity endorsement are very powerful, both positively and negatively. If you really want to get sponsored, first build a kick-ass vehicle, become one of the best in your sport,  look and act like someone people want to associate with, and win, win, win. Only then, maybe, will you get some sponsors. For more information about sponsorship basics, check out our article on drifting sponsorship here.


Why do people take drifting so seriously in America?
I think that we, as Americans, have the ability to make mountains out of molehills. We are in a country that places so much importance on commercial success that everything turns into a money making venture. Drifting is no different. Also, people are taking drifting seriously because they need assurance that what they're doing is significant and important. You can't just do something for fun anymore; you need to be changing the world, saving the manatees, validating your existence, yadda, yadda, yadda. 


How can I turn Japanese?
For once, America is trying to copy something from Japan and make it better.  Ironic isn't it? I will borrow an idea from a wise man at www.ghettocitiesclothing.com who said that Japan is fixated on the west (America) but Japan would not be fixated on the west if it knew the west was fixated on them. This is the truest statement I've ever heard. Japan wants to be like us in America, but like idiots, we're trying to imitate them. And while it might be good for the Japanese parts companies and the D1 drivers that Americans idolize, I feel that Japan is looking at us and thinking, "silly Americans." It's kind of like how American baseball fans look at Japanese baseball and chuckle under their breath. Drifting is good, and drifting is Japanese, but calling a Toyota Avalon a "Chaser," dancing the "para-para," learning some trendy Japanese vocabulary, and trying to live like the Japanese is not cool. Remember to watch and learn. Don't just imitate.




Why do people make excuses for needing this or that part before they can drift?

This is very similar to the people who use the excuse that "drifting on the track is not real." People like this will not drift because there will always be an excuse to validate their fear of real competition. At some point or another you have to realize that you can either keep making excuses for the rest of your life, or you can swallow your pride and start somewhere just like everybody else. 


Will I seem cool if I look down on beginners?

Yes. If you hate noobies, talk down to them on the internet, and reminisce about the "good old days of drifting" you will look cool... to other beginners and people that have no clue. If this is you, drifting is already too popular in America. Go find the next trend so you can be too cool for the rest of us once again. Real drifters are about the advancement and acceptance of their sport; not about trying to keep it exclusive. 


Why do some drifting organizations have so many rules and regulations?

That's because some people need to dress things up to make them appear more significant than they really are. Strict rules and regulations at this point in time (2001) will decrease interest in drifting in the United States. Most drivers are not ready financially and are not totally committed to the sport yet for event organizers to start requiring full roll cages and fire suits. One very typical trait about in this market is that people often try to surround simple things with documents, instructions, and all other nonsense to create filler. The hope is that the general public will just assume that an organization is legit because it has a 1,000 page rule book, a fancy website, and lots of officials.





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