May 1st brought another typically gorgeous day to Hawaii Raceway Park as well as two-dozen racing enthusiasts to participate in the second round of the DS Superlap Series for 2004. A mix of race prepared and street legal cars competed for season Time Attack points on the .9-mile short course layout. Many of the competitors were return drivers from round one held only two weeks previously and, additionally, there were a few new drivers who showed up after hearing of the new series.

The Time Attack groups were formed of roughly 5 or so drivers of cars with similar performance and ability, evenly spaced apart at starting time, with controlled passing along the front straight. The group sessions lasted 10 minutes, which usually is a sufficient duration to test the endurance and performance of both cars and drivers. Time attack participants were provided four sessions plus the 5-lap timed competition for a total of over just under one hour of track time, whereas the wheel-to-wheel competitors were provided with three 15-minute practice sessions and a 15-lap race.

For the street-legal cars, a strong contingency of Subaru owners once again showed the strength of their all-wheel drive and turbo-charged engineering. However, they were strongly challenged on this day by both BMW and Mazda owners. The Subaru’s, once again set fast times for the day, but Marcus Ho in his ’97 BMW M3 and Panos Prevedouros driving a modified ’99 Mazda Miata set times within a second of the winning time of 40.88 seconds set by Chris Morley.

The wheel-to-wheel sedan race group decided, amongst themselves, to participate in the Time Attack competition on this day since only three competitors showed up. This gave Egmar Klemmer in his ’81 911 Porsche an opportunity to test his skills and car’s performance on the short track. True to form, Egmar set a blistering pace all day, eventually turning the fastest lap in the final competition at 39.80 seconds. Incident free, the competition was completed at 3:00 pm with a thoroughly abused and exhausted field of both cars and drivers, and everyone concurring that they had had enough track time this day.

The DS Superlap Series was developed to provide affordable track time to owners of cars, in particular sports cars and racecars, who would otherwise have little opportunity to test their skills and the car’s performance. The DS Superlap Series is also intended as a stepping-stone for potential racers to get involved with wheel-to-wheel competition and is an excellent way to prepare a car and driver for higher levels of motor-sports competition.

For those interested in participating in future events, the DS Superlap Series should be compared to other local road racing events in order to see the relative affordability. For $75 a driver can expect a good amount of track time, compared to roughly one hour of driving in SCCA wheel-to-wheel racing at $375 and 45 minutes of SCCA Solo I action for $150. SCCA Solo II, on a restricted track, can be experienced for $20 for four laps, equating to roughly four minutes of track time, however, drivers must share in the flagging and marshalling responsibilities for the entire day. Finally, drivers can participate in SCCA short course lapping where $50 buys the drivers two 15-minute sessions (Note: SCCA short course lapping requires drivers to register at noon and wait until all races are complete at the end of the day which is usually a 2 to 3 hour wait).

The next event is scheduled for August 7th and, after the long drought, participation is expected to set a new record for registered cars and drivers. Groups of similar cars are starting to organize themselves and enjoy the thrills of competition. There is an incredible bonding and camaraderie experienced by owners of similar car types who are often seen huddling together, excitedly sharing stories and experiences with each other. DS Superlap Series anxiously awaits the group of Mini Cooper drivers who plan on attending the next round, looks forward to the return of the Subaru drivers and wonders where on earth all of the domestic car owners are as it seems that, for the moment, imports rule the world of Time Attack. We look forward to your participation at all of our upcoming events.


Group 1


#4         Louis Mangasar                            Red                     1990 Mazda RX7                      45.45

#14       Ramon                                           Black                  2003 Lexus LS300                    45.95

#17       Dave Watumuu                             Silver                  2004 Nissan 350Z                    46.19

#2         Michael Niine                                 Red                    1991 Nissan Sentra                  46.65

#22       Bobby Brooks                                White                  1987 Mazda RX7                      47.28


Group 2


#13       Mike Ichimura                                Silver                  2002 Honda S2000                44.61

#16       Joey Riviera                                   Black                   2001 Honda S2000                  44.75

#7         Prasong Sanginmvongce             Black                  1985 Toyota Corolla GTS        46.02

#5        Royce Fujimoto                             Blue                    1986 Toyota Corolla GTS        No time


Group 3


#11       Chris Morley                                  Blue                    2004 Subaru WRX                  40.88

#3         James Johnson                             Black                  2002 Subaru WRX                    41.33

#10       Bruce Russell                                White                  2004 Subaru WRX                   42.36


Group 4


#1         Egmar Klemmer                            White                  1981 Porsche 911                    39.80

#9         Joel Miller                                       Blue                    2004 Subaru WRX                     41.01

#99       Marcus Ho                                     Blue                    1997 BMW M3                           41.13

#633     Panos Prevedouros                      Silver                  1999 Mazda Miata                    NT